Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Women’s Sit-On-Top Kayak Review

The Venus 11 Women’s Sit-On-Top Kayak is one of the women specific Venus series offered by a well known manufacturer of kayaks – the Ocean Kayak. Built in the USA, the linear polyethylene construction makes the kayak lightweight.

It also adds a lot of strength and durability to the product. It weighs about 44 pounds, hence women will find the boat easy to paddle and turn. It comes with a unique easy to grab handle system that makes it easy to transport the boat.

The lightweight of the boat and two side carry handles make it highly portable, and easy to load and unload on a car. It also comes with a 6 inches lock hatch and there is a storage bucket too where you can place your trip essentials if you are planning a short fishing or sailing expedition.

There is a deck area mount which is spacious enough to hold your MP3 player so that you can listen to your favorite music while you are paddling.

We personally feel that fishing or sailing experience is incomplete unless there’s some music; hence this MP3 player area gives us an extra reason to like the kayak. The unique rounded V hull shape of the boat helps in tracking and turning the boat easily.

The seating area is spacious and comfortable to accommodate fuller hips and shorter arms. It is designed in a way to support female center of gravity so you can expect good amount of stability from the product.

The seat is high to keep the paddler’s foot away from the floor for a dry ride. The extra cushion padding at the back and bottom of the seat with lumbar support is designed to ensure that you don’t feel worn out even after a day long ride.

We liked the thoughtfully designed low deck profile of the kayak makes it suitable for women. We are also impressed as how the features are built in a way to ensure your clothing or other essentials doesn’t get wet during the ride.

There are adjustable gear straps and accessories that guarantee you a drier ride on your Venus 11. You can use the scupper stoppers as accessories to keep dry, and the Venus 11 needs a total of 5 scupper stoppers. The self-bailing scupper holes do not let the water get pooled inside the vessel. The click-seal hatch provides dry storage for gear and clothing.

Another interesting feature that caught our attention is that the kayak comes with a paddler keeper to give you hands-free fishing, bird watching and photography experience.


  • The kayak is 10 feet 8 inches in length
  • Total weight of the boat is only 44 pounds; hence it is easy to carry
  • It can accommodate up to 225 pounds weight
  • It features a comfortable hybrid seat back
  • It comes with an easy car-topping handle system
  • Thoughtfully designed seat for women paddlers
  • Available in 3 exciting color combinations – pink, green and blue
  • It has a molded-in beverage holder
  • Deck area mount to keep your MP3 player


The Venus 11 Women’s Sit-On-Top Kayak is specially designed for women and the lightweight makes it super easy to maneuver. It cuts through the water pretty well.

There are two side handles that make it easy for female paddlers to load and unload the boat on their vehicle.

Paddle keeper helps to give you a hands-free riding experience.

It is perfect for recreational use and there is a storage space where you can keep your belongings if you are planning a short fishing or sailing trip.

The unique hull design makes it easy to track and turn the boat.

The seat is padded for extra comfort and it is built to perfectly accommodate a female rider.


The Venus 11 can carry only up to 225 pounds weight, and even then the stability is often compromised. It is clearly not suitable for the big girls or boys.

It is built for beginners or for trips in the lake or calm rivers. If you are planning to take your boat on rough water or high winds then the Venus 11 might not be a good option.


The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is stable, fast and light. We would recommend it for women who are less than 225 pounds. The incredible features make riding this boat a wonderful hands-free experience.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight and easily portable boat that you can carry with convenience then this is a good choice. You can spend hours sailing or surfing on the kayak, listening to some good music and bird watching.

It stays stable in slow moving rivers, lakes and moderate ocean swells. The reasonable price of the boat further makes it a recommended product for female paddlers.

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