Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Back Rests Review

Lifetime tandem sit on top kayakIf you have come here because you are looking for a durable and stable kayak, we are going to help you find out whether or not the Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Back Rests suits your requirement.

The kayak we are going to review here is manufactured by a US-based company called Lifetime. The company founded in 1986 not only makes kayaks and other water sports products but also picnic tables, sheds, patio, chairs and so on.

This 10 feet long Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with back rest is one of their premium products and it is built for recreational use. It can accommodate up to 3 people, hence it promises hours of family fun time! The weight capacity of the boat is about 500 lb and the unique tunnel hull design gives it added stability, making it almost impossible to slip or tip over during your ride.

The exterior of the kayak caught our attention with its refreshing green color and two comfortable looking seats. The 10 feet length allows enough space for storage and easy transport if you are planning a short trip with your family. It comes equipped with some good features such as molded front and rear handles, high and dry seating, shock cord straps and ditty trays.

This Lifetime Tandem SOT kayak model is constructed using sturdy and high-density Polyethylene that comes with UV protection to ensure that the kayak’s outer cover does not crack, peel or fade even after several trips in rough conditions. The materials used in constructing the kayak have been chosen thoughtfully to ensure that the boat is lightweight.

The product has been designed in a way to include the Lifetime power mate motor mount accessory that is sold separately. With these features, we can safely include Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak in one of the most recommended list of kayaks for a small family. At this price, you are getting much more than you can expect.


  • It offers 3 people seating capacity
  • The 10 feet length makes for convenient transport and storage
  • The external framework materials includes UV protection
  • It has a capacity of 500 lb. weight
  • The product comes with 5-year limited warranty
  • The shock cord straps and ditty trays are used to keep the hold the loose items securely
  • High and dry seating enables the riders to keep their feet off the kayak floor
  • The unique hull design adds extra degree of stability and offers good tracking feature
  • The light weight design of the kayak makes it easy to handle
  • It features molded front and rear handles
  • There are multiple foot rest positions for people of different sizes


The seatback supports can be removed easily to make space for a larger person or to include a little passenger in your kayaking trip.

The thoughtful product dimension (120 x 36 x 19 inches) gives extra stability to the boat and the comfortable paddles promises a fun and hassle free experience.

The high-density polyethylene plastic material makes the boat lightweight yet durable for a family trip. We like the fact that there are no sharp edges or jutting out hardware, as the construction material has been blow molded into one-piece.

The kayak is 10 feet long making it perfect to carry in a truck, SUV, or minivan. There’s enough storage space to carry some essentials for a day fishing or sailing trip.

It comes with a 5-year product warranty so if there are any wear and tears; the company will provide a replacement.

The seats are high to keep your feet away from the floor and the backrests add extra comfort so that you do not feel worn out by the end of the trip.


The kayak does not have a keel option and in terms of speed, we find it a little lacking when compared to competitor models.

It can be difficult to control in a river or sea. This boat is suitable to be used on calm lakes and slow moving rivers.

We found the boat slightly heavy to be carried by one person hence you might need to drag it to the desired location.


This 10 feet kayak by Lifetime works really well and it is fun to use for paddling on the lakes or calm river water. You can enjoy hours of family fun time fishing, sailing or surfing as you like.

The unique hull design gives extra stability to the product, which is extremely important when you are taking your family, especially kids with you. The attractive and low-maintenance external body of the boat offers a good performance to price ratio.

Overall, we feel that it is a perfect kayak for amateurs as the professional riders might find the features lacking in a few areas. If you are a beginner then it might take you some time to get used to the different features of the boat.

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