How To Paddle Sit On Top Kayak

How to paddle sit on top kayakAs summer draws closer, you must be counting days to take that new sit on top kayak to the water and go on a fun adventure! However, let me tell you that it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Whether you want to go fishing in the lake or want to enjoy a fun ride in the river, it makes sense to brace yourself with the required instructions. In this article we will discuss about a few technique that tell you how to paddle sit on top kayak.

Forward paddling:

The first and most important technique is forward paddling as this is what any beginner will try on water, hence it is essential to get it right. The power for this stroke comes from your stomach and back muscles.

In this stroke, the body is wounded or rotated in a way that the shoulders face the opposite side of the kayak. To get forward, the blade is completely submerged inside the water and the body is unwounded to move the paddle.

The power is transferred from the body to the boat and you can also use your foot to push the kayak on the same direction as the paddle stroke. To get an efficient forward paddling stroke, make sure you keep the blade submerged inside the water by the side of the kayak.

Reverse paddling:

After you have mastered the technique of reverse paddling, you can go further to learn how to paddle sit on top kayak in reverse direction. The ability to paddle your sit on top kayak in the opposite direction will give you the confidence to explore rocks and caves knowing for sure that you will be able to find your way out without being stuck.

This technique is also useful in helping you get back to the beach without having to turn your boat around. It is exactly the opposite of forward stroke and mastering this technique will not be difficult if you know the forward stroke well. You must make sure you look back after every stroke to see that you are not about to hit anything behind you.

Turning Stroke:

The turning stroke is also referred to as sweep stroke by some, and this is an effective method to turn your sit on top kayak to the direction you want to go. This technique is almost similar to the forward paddle strokes, with just a few differences here and there.

The ‘catch’ is almost same as forward paddling as the body is rotate with shoulders facing the opposite side of the kayak keeping leading arm straight and other arm bent.

The power is transferred from the body to the boat, and you use your foot to push the boat forward. Please remember that the longer kayaks will need more strokes to make a turn, particularly in windy days. The turning stroke works fine and sometimes even better with the techniques of reverse paddling so give it a try!

Side stroke or draw stroke:

This is yet another technique to paddle sit on top kayaks, and just as the name suggests the stroke is useful in moving your boat sideways. This technique works like an amazing technique to help your boat get along side or away from various things such as stationary boats, pontoons and other paddlers.

To get a side stroke, the body should be rotated to face the direction you wish to head to, with the leading arm being extended as far away from the boat as you can reach. The other arm should be placed a little above the eye-height.

To get the power, drop the blade cleanly into the water and then pull the boat towards the blade using your leading arm.

Low support stroke:

The low support stroke is helpful in regaining your balance in case you are falling out of the boat when it is knocked by something. When practicing this stroke, there are chances of you falling out of the boat so make sure there’s a friend around to help you.

To get a balance keep the blade as flat as possible on the water. At the same time, you must try to shift your weight to the opposite direction to keep the boat upright.

Maintaining the right posture as you sit on the sit on top kayak is important to ensure a successful and comfortable ride. It’s all about balance and using the right techniques to make quick turns and moves. Although practice makes perfect, we hope this gives you a fleeting idea of how to paddle sit on top kayak.

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