How to Choose a Sit on Top Kayak That You Will Enjoy

How to Choose a Sit on Top Kayak That You Will Enjoy

You may have decided to get yourself a sit-on-top kayak but you have no idea where to start. When selecting a kayak there are a number of things that need to be considered such as the kind of kayaking you want to do.

Here, we are talking about whether you want to paddle alone or you are going to be doing so in tandem. You will also need to decide on the amount of stuff you want to carry, the means of transport you have and what you are prepared to pay.

Consider the Cost

As we always say, it would be a waste of time if you look at products beyond what you can afford. We understand very well that cost should not be the only factor you use to make your decision but we are practical too and understand that not everybody goes around carrying an unlimited supply of money. Again, budgeting is generally a good habit to get used to no matter what you are buying.

Sit-on-top kayaks differ according to their intended uses. For this reason, you will find out that they also differ in terms of price. If you really want a type of kayak but it costs more than you currently have, you can always buy a cheaper one and sacrifice some features and then get the one you want later when you have saved a little more. We believe that someone who has a kayak they might not quite like is better than someone who does not have any at all.

Type of Kayaking

The reason why sit on top kayaks are designed differently is because they should be used for different types of kayaking. For this reason, you will need to start by deciding what type of kayaking you want to do. If your idea is to paddle in water that is generally still, say at your local dam, river or lake, then you can look for a sit on top kayak that is medium in both width and length.

It is important to also decide whether you want to paddle fast or at a slower speed. If you want to paddle faster, then we will advise you to look for a sit on top kayak that is narrower and longer.

However, keep in mind that kayaks that are longer need more skill as they tend to be harder to turn. If you are not yet used to the whole business of kayaking, you may want to consider a kayak that is broader as these tend to be more stable when in the water.

You will also need to consider whether you want a kayak that will allow you more room to maneuver or one that just lets you go straight most of the time. In order to determine the best, you will need to consider a concept known as the rocker.

When you look at a kayak from its side, one with lots of rockers will resemble a banana in shape and one with less generally look straight and takes the form of a log. The ones with more rocker allow you to maneuver more and the straight ones work better for someone who wants to move straight.

Consider the Seat

The seat on the deck of your sit-on-top kayak will determine whether you can paddle with a partner or not. Before you select one, you will need to make a decision whether you are going to be kayaking alone or with a partner.

If the idea of paddling with a partner appeals to you more than that of paddling alone, then you will want to consider one with a seat that allows for two people to sit comfortably. It is possible for you to paddle a tandem kayak on your own but you will need to remember that this is a little difficult as you will not be sitting at the center of the canoe.

Consider Transportation

The weight of your kayak will be an important factor to consider depending on whether you will mostly have help carrying it around or not. Even though differences in weight may look slight initially, once you are in the water you will start to see what a difference they make.

Consider how you will be carrying the kayak to and from your vehicle. Another issue related to this is the storage. Ensure that you buy the size that will fit into space where you want to store your kayak.

We hope that by now you have an idea of the main things you need to look at before you head out to buy your new sit-on-top kayak. If you do not do your homework well, you will be stuck with a kayak that you will not be using a lot.

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