Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe Cushioned Seat Review

Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe Cushioned Seat Review

When the manufacturers of the Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe made the promise that this is the best multipurpose kayak the market currently has to offer, we decided to look and see what the hype was all about.

The first thing we noted about this particular product is the color that will appeal to someone who loves bright colors: blue. On a more serious note, we were impressed by how easy it is to transport this kayak, thanks to its design.

Like all other good products we have already looked at, the Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe Cushioned Seat has a compartment where you can store all the stuff that you need to keep dry.

The handles on the front and back have been included for you to conveniently move the little boat around without having to drag it on the ground and risk the integrity of the hull.


Looking at the main features of this SOT kayak indicates that the manufacturers took the comfort of the kayaker seriously as is shown by an adjustable cushioned seat and a large cockpit, which is open enough to take different body sizes. We have listed below some of the other features that impressed us.

  • Designed with two handles for transportation
  • Equipped with a compartment below the deck for storing stuff you do not want to get wet
  • Open cockpit to take different body sizes
  • Adjustable kayak seat which is cushioned
  • Designed to navigate big waves with stability
  • Suitable for bird watching, surfing, fishing and kayaking
  • Product dimensions are Width: 2’7″, Length: 8’8″, Height: 15″ and a weight of 46 lbs.
  • Its carrying capacity is 308 lb.
  • Comes with a 2 piece aluminum paddle that is detachable


  • The comfy padded seat is designed to keep comfortable even when you are going to be paddling for extended periods of time
  • The paddle keepers are designed in such a way that the paddle is always accessible but not causing any disturbances
  • Designed to suit different body types
  • The huge storage capacity in both the front and back allows you to store some convenience items you need on a leisure day out
  • Designed to resist impact and the effects of the light from the sun
  • Adjustable seat makes it suitable for different sizes


  • The kayak has a great deal of slap and the noise that comes with it


The Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe can easily be described as a great kayak. It is delivered with a padded seat that is comfortable, scupper plugs and a paddle which is quite basic. It is a great kayak for someone who is looking for a kayak that is not too big and easy to store.

Even if you will be told that the shorter kayaks are compromised in terms of tracking, when compared to the longer ones, this one is designed in a way that mitigates that problem. The reason why it tracks well is the keel design which is large. When you stop paddling, don’t worry, this kayak will not start wanting to spin.

On the overall, this kayak is well made. You will notice that the stern tends to be rather narrow. The best thing about this kayak its stability in different types of conditions. When paddling, it does make some of noise. We do not know whether this really bothers anyone but we thought that it adds to the funfair.


If you would like to check other products in the same class to see how the Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe compares, you can always check out the Emotion Glide Sport Angler Sit-Inside Kayak. Of course, the main difference between these two is that this one is a sit-inside.

Sit-inside kayaks are a whole different ball game when compared to the sit-on-top. So if you want to select this one you may want to ensure that you are really looking for the sit-inside kayak.


We have arrived at the end of this review but we still do not know if we agree with the manufacturers of the Five Oceans Kayak Sit-on-Top Deluxe Cushioned Seat when they say it is the best kayak in the market. What we agree with is that it is a fine product that glides well.

We say so especially looking at the fact that it is short but does a great job of moving fast. The weight capacity is good as it can handle a single adult and their gear. If you are a surfer, bird watcher or just an avid kayaker, we will recommend that you go for it.

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