Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak Review

Emotion spitfireThe Emotion Spitfire 8 comes from a company that takes pride in mastering its small niche, and the name is Emotion Kayaks. The company is committed to manufacturing a line of user friendly sit-on-top kayaks that are built in the best possible way, without any shortcuts.

They are experts in what they do and the kayaks built by Emotion Kayaks are designed in a way to make your day sailing trip or fishing excursion a memorable one.

We are going to review one of their premium products – the Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak. Let’s delve deeper into the characteristics and features of the kayak to see whether it really stands up to its promise.

The Emotion Spitfire 8 is made from high density polyethylene that provides superior strength and durability to the product. Although this kayak is comparatively short in size, it comes with an ST Performance Hull that offers incredible speed and tracking without compromising with stability.

It comes equipped with an array of features such as tankwell with cargo, padded seat back, and cargo net that you would normally find in expensive kayaks.

Foot placement is usually a concern when buying a short sized or low priced kayak as there’s not enough space as required. The Spitfire 8 comes with molded-in foot wells that are comfortable and they also provide sufficient space for proper foot placement.

The tankwell and self-bailing scupper plug holes are standard features that are useful in keeping the inside area of the kayak comfortable and dry. It comes with added volume and high capacity, which makes the kayak a good fit for different types of paddlers weighing less than 245 lbs.

Another important impressive fact about the Emotion Kayaks is that they are manufactured in the USA, using the best quality domestic and international grade components.


  • It can hold weight capacity up to 240 lb.
  • The ST Performance Hull presents unique stability and tracking feature
  • It comes with front, rear, and side carry handles to enable convenient transport
  • The rear tankwell comes with cargo net lacing for additional storage
  • It comes with molded-in footwells that offers highly secure and comfortable foot bracing
  • It comes backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • The product has been blow-molded into a one-piece design using UV protected polyethylene plastic
  • The sit-on-top design is spacious and safe for riders


Despite its short size, the Spitfire 8 track really well even in windy conditions and it is easy to control. The boat turns really well in small rivers and creeks.

The seat is comfortable and it comes with an adjustable back strap to give you hours of fun without tiring you out! It is perfect for a solo surfing or fishing trip!

The kayak is small enough to easily fit inside your vehicle, so transport is not a problem at all. You can easily carry it around to different locations.

This kayak is the perfect choice for beginners looking for recreation or fun use. The storage area can accommodate enough items for a short fishing trip!

It is a reasonably priced product that offers incredible features you would usually expect in the expensive models.

The kayak is lightweight so you can easily carry it or place it on top of the vehicle roof and get it down with ease. So, you don’t need a helping hand to be able to carry your boat around with you.

The product comes with 5 years warranty from the manufacturer. So, if any parts need replacement, they can be done without any hassles.


This is clearly meant for only recreational use, so if you are looking for serious sea surfing or say a 3-day kayaking trip, the Emotion Spitfire 8 may not be the right choice.

The kayak is a bit flat on the bottom so you would need to add a skeg at the bottom to improve the tracking further.

The seat is spacious and safe; however, we just wish there were some cushions to make it more comfortable for the paddlers looking for a 2-3 hours’ ride.


Overall, we find the Emotion Spitfire 8 a good choice for beginners who want to use the kayak for light recreational use. The bright red color adds vibrancy to the product and the exterior appearance looks impressive to the eye.

With a plethora of advanced features, this short yet good-performing kayak promises you hours of fun fishing, surfing or sailing. We like the fact that it can be transported with great ease and the unique hull design offers advanced stability and tracking.

Another advantage of this model is that you get high quality and advanced features that you can expect to find only in expensive high end kayaks.

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