Are Sit On Top Kayak’s Good For River

Are sit on top kayaks good for river

Are you planning to buy a sit on top kayak but worried if it would be good for river? Well, you have come to the right place. We understand the predicament of beginners wanting to buy a kayak they can use for recreational purposes.

There are very few styles of kayaks that perform well in different types of conditions, most of them are usually specific to only one kind of paddling.

The kayak you paddle so well in a windy lake may not perform well in a river. There are so many different styles and designs of kayaks available in the market that choosing the perfect one can be a hard choice. So – Are sit on top kayak good for river? Let’s find out:

When planning to buy a kayak, there are a few things that you need to ask yourself. How frequently will you use the kayak? Do you want to store it?

How do you plan to take it with you to the river? Do you have any previous kayaking experience? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options and get closer to the right product.

Before getting deeper into the answer for – are sit on top kayak good for river, let’s discuss what the Sit on top kayaks actually mean.

These types of kayaks belong to the recreational category, and instead of sitting inside the boat you are sitting on top of it. The sit-on models (SOT) are much more stable than the sit-in kayaks, however there’s a price paddlers have to pay for the stability and it comes in the form of efficiency and speed.

The SOT models come with several holes that go through their outer framework, and this makes them somewhat self draining. Water can also splash up from these holes so if you are planning to paddle a sit on top kayak in cold water, you will need to wear a wet suit or dry suit.

Some of the other factors that you need to consider when buying a sit on top kayak are tracking, proper turning, wave handling and stability. When it comes to length, you must be aware that kayaks suitable for river rides should be shorter in length as this makes them more maneuverable.

Longer kayaks are mostly suitable for longer distance paddling as it provides better tracking and speed. Sit on top models are more suitable for ocean as it provides extra safety for the riders.

So, which type of kayak is best suited for rivers? The answer is whitewater kayaks.

The whitewater kayaks are much shorter in length than the sit on top kayaks making them a perfect choice for river rides! These kayaks are designed in a way to provide the best paddler to boat contact, and the unique design makes them maneuverable.

If you are planning to go surfing in the river, the whitewater kayaks will give your good performance. However, these kayaks are not for beginners as surfing in river water needs some practice to ensure that you know all the tips, tricks and turns!

Now that you know that sit on top kayaks are not good for river, let’s find out which types of whitewater boats will perform well in river water!

Whitewater kayaks have several subcategories based on the different types of rivers. So, whether you are planning to paddle in faster flowing river, slow motion river or broken water, these will definitely impact your buying decision. The steep rivers with boulders, rocks and waterfalls demand a powerful boat that is sturdy, durable and easy to control.

Hence, the whitewater kayaks are built in a way to give exceptional maneuverability to the paddlers. These are usually shorter than the traditionally built kayaks, and they have lots of rocker to help you deal with the waves efficiently. Due to its unique design, the whitewater kayaks are not suitable for touring purpose as they are difficult to paddle in a straight line.

As an experienced kayaker you would know that the river rapids are graded based on various factors such as the danger level, severity, difficulty and consequences. Based on these parameters, the whitewater kayaks can also be split into different categories that include Freestyle, River Running, River Play, and Creeking.

You must consider your height weight, budget and the materials used in constructing the white water kayak, buying a boat that will be your companion for surfing in rough river conditions! We hope by now you know the answer for – Are sit on top kayak good for river?

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